Aryna Ou
Game Programmer

Game Engine

Cross-Platform Data-Driven Game Engine

personal project
  • C++ / Visual Studio
  • Custom Containers - SList, Vector
  • Runtime JSON Parsing
  • Programming Design Pattern
  • MS Unit Test Framework
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Reproduce Text Adventure Game Zork

personal project
  • C# / Visual Studio / Unity
  • Support Multiple Platform
  • Json Parse System
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Soul Shard

Two Player Co-op Platform Game

team project - 20
  • UE4 / Blueprint / C++
  • Core Gameplay Programming
  • Tool Design
  • Refactored Codes To increase efficiency and readability
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Magic Water

Platform Puzzle Game

personal project
  • Transform From Different Form To Solve The Puzzle
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Custom Cinemachine

Remake Cinemachine in Unreal

2022 Summer Personal Project
  • Remake all the unity cinemachine to unreal
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