Unreal Cinemachine
Project Introduction
This is a 12 weeks personal project, the goal is to transfer Unity cinemachine to Unreal with C++ and 3D math
Tenth week
This week's first goal is to rebuild the swap function in Cinemachine Brain to solve last week's engine crash problem. And the next goal is to reproduce the Clear Shot Camera.
Ninth week
This week's goal is to build the free-look camera and sort all the cameras by their priority and implemented the sorted algorithm by my functions.
Eighth week
This week's goal is to reproduce the Cinemachine Brain in Unreal. I researched Cinemachine and made the two functions of Cinemachine Brain. One is Priority Properties which decides which Camera will be in the viewport. The other one is the custom blend of Cinemacine brain.
Seventh week
This week, I started optimizing the code for branchless programming as much as possible. I tried three different ways including Type erasure, unreal scene component, and function pointer array. In the end, I choose to use the Array of function pointer to solve the problem.
Sixth week
This week I finish the last aiming camera and all the camera properties and fix some bugs when the user tried to combine two different cameras.
Fifth week
My goal for this week is to finish the last Follow camera -- Dolly Tracked and start to build the aiming camera. Since this week I'm more comfortable with the vector logic, I finished the Dolly Tracked camera and made four kinds of the aiming camera which include: Composer, Hard Look At, POV, and Same as Follow Target.
Forth week
This week's goal is to rebuild the rest of the Unity Virtual Camera's Body part. I successfully built 3 new following cameras including Framing Camera, Orbital Transposer and Transposer, and fixed the 3rd person camera's bug.
Third week
This week's goal is to rebuild the Unity Virtual Camera's properties. I started by building the properties of Follow System. Then I created different versions of Follow Camera which includes: Third Person Follow and Hard Lock to Target.
Second week
This week I start setting up the project in the engine and built my project in Unreal 4.27. The goal of the first two weeks is to build Virtual Cameras moving, aiming functions, and their properties.
First week
First week I did some research about the project. Since I want to learn more about 3D math and tool programming. Moreover, I want to deep dive in C++, so I choose the topic of remake cinemachine in Unreal Engine.
Aryna Ou