Game Pitch
30 Days
The town’s 99 year-old Newspaper is facing the inevitability of bankruptcy. You will play as the reporter, write every day news, win back the readers, and make the newspaper popular again
You are one of the players in Survivor, win resources in every day's challenge, choose whether to collaborate with or deceive others, and be the first one to build all the constructs
Dao Ghost Hunter
Dao ghost hunter is a special job in Asia. They use their sword and Bujeok, the yellow paper with special spell on it, to defeat ghosts. You’re the daughter of the most famous Dao ghost hunter. One day, your father goes missing. To find him, you take his sword and Bujeok, pass through different obstacles, and defeat or subdue variety kinds of Asian ghosts.
Bugs Fight
You will be the bug trying to escape from the heartless house owner and fight to other bugs to be the last bug in the house.
To the unknown
You are a traveler under the water. In this game, you can discover the mythological world from your phone, meet legendary undersea creatures and let the game take you to unknown places.
Aryna Ou